Free Master PDF 1.9


Master PDF Editor provides you advanced functions for working with PDF and XPS formats:
• Createnew PDF and XPS files or edit existing ones.
• Add and/or edit bookmarks in PDF files.
• Encrypt and/or protect PDF files using 128 bit encryption.
• Convert XPS files into PDF.
• Add PDF controls (like buttons, checkboxes, lists, etc.) into your PDFs.
• Import/export PDF pages into commong raphical formats including BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIFF.
• Free PDF Editor on Linux ( for non-commercial use)

The Linux-based version is free for non-commercial use.

Version 1.9.00 for Linux

x32 version - requirements: Qt 4.6.2 or later:

MasterPDFEditor-1.9.00.i386.tar.gz MasterPDFEditor-1.9.00.i386.tar.gz

x64 version - requirements: Qt 4.8.1 or later:

MasterPDFEditor-1.9.00.x86_64.tar.gz MasterPDFEditor-1.9.00.x86_64.tar.gz

For installation just unpack the archive to any directory like /opt/master-pdf-editor or /home/your_folder/MasterPDFEditor and launch /home/your_folder/MasterPDFEditor/pdfeditor
If you already installed Master PDF Editor from Ubuntu Software Center, then just unpack archive content to /opt/master-pdf-editor for update  


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