Rawstudio 2.0 | Gestiona y modifica imágenes en formato RAW


Tenemos una nueva versión de Rawstudio, un excelente programa que sirve para editar las fotos en formato RAW y luego exportalas a un formato más amigable como PNG, TIF o JPEG.
Además podemos subir desde la misma aplicación las fotos a Picasa, Flickr y Facebook.
rawstudio 2 0 ready for takeoff small Rawstudio 2.0 | Gestiona y modifica imágenes en formato RAW
Esta es du lista de cambios:
Overall Feature Improvements
  • Overall re-write of image processing engine to have a render graph for better speed and flexibility
  • Tethered shooting
  • Fullscreen display on secondary monitor
  • Loupe function to see a 100% view of an image in zoom-to-fit view(Ctrl+Left click image)
  • Navigator image that allow you to navigate the image in 100% view
  • “Make settings default for camera” sets default values for new images
  • Reset button to reset a setting
  • Edit the value of a setting manually
  • Batch processing done in the background
  • Much nicer thumbnail display
Color and Adjustments
  • DNG Color profiles support
  • Color profiles for more than 300 cameras included
  • Select different profile per image
  • Color Mixer added
  • Support for DNG profiles from Adobe
  • Exposure done by an exposure ramp, for better exposure compensation look
  • Contrast much more useful
  • Curve tool adjusted, and operate on light-component only
  • Completely color managed workflow.
  • Selectable colorspace for display, histogram and exposure mask
  • Better satuation adjustment
  • Black level estimation done individually per photo if available
Image Quality
  • Noise Reduction with individual light/color denoise parameters
  • New, much improved sharpen algorithm
  • Automatic hot/dead pixel removal
  • Image resize is now done by a 3-tap Lanczos interpolator for sharper images
  • Curve adjustment is done by interpolation to avoid posterization
Lens Correction
  • Automatic lens distortion correction
  • Vignetting compensation/addition
  • Chromatic Aberration correction
  • Support for more than 100 new cameras
  • Direct (batch) upload of images to Facebook
  • Direct (batch) upload of images to Flicker
  • Direct (batch) upload of images to Picasa Web Albums
  • Ability to select output color profile in the export dialog
  • EXIF info to output images now much improved
  • EXIF can be excluded from exported images
  • Metadata read from non-RAW images
  • Non-RAW images now read the profiles attached to the images
  • Highly customizable output filename templates
  • Internal tag editor to add tags to your images
  • Tags automatically added from EXIF info
  • Quick search through all your images
  • Support for moving your images on your file system without loosing tagging information
  • Much faster load of image for more than 170 cameras through Rawspeed
  • Much faster updates of image in 100% view
  • Color adjustment, Demosaic, Rotate, Resize, Sharpen, Colorspace conversion fully multithreaded
  • Color adjustment, Rotate, Resize, Sharpen, Colorspace conversion fully implemented in SSE/SSE2
  • Fastest 100% view of newly opened image of any known viewer
  • Internal colorspace converter between common colorspaces
  • Significant speedup on loading directories with more than 1000 images
Rawstudio se encuentra en los repositorios de Ubuntu pero en una versión anterior,  si queremos instalar esta nueva versión, tenemos que agregar este PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rawstudio/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install rawstudio


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